Suburban DeathPrince (the_chainheart) wrote in hellacopters,
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Rock And Roll Is Dead

I managed to get a rip of the new album a little while ago, and I was wondering if anyone else had heard it yet. If you have, feel free to share your thoughts. As for me, I think it's quite bland compared to their last few releases. Aside from "I'm in the Band," I didn't get much of the "balls-out, rock 'n roll" that I usually get from them, but who knows, maybe it will grow on me as the time passes.
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i agree. it's bland. though i think it gets better the more i listen to it. (first play through, i had to stop half-way i was so bored, sadly.) the first track nearly made me want to not listen to it all.

but yes, i hope it'll grow on me too.
Ugh. Sadly, I'm going to take your same stance on "Before The Fall." It was so disheartening. To listen to one of my favorite bands and be so let down. Oh well. Strangely, it has grown on me a bit since then, so only time will tell.

did you hear what they said about the record though? nicke claimed that they wanted the record to sound more like they do live, and he thought they'd managed to do that pretty well. and i just don't hear that. what exactly do they think they sound like live?
Seeing that I haven't been graced with their presence on the stage just yet, I can only hope they don't sound like that. From what I've heard and seen though, they seem to be pretty high-energy and seem like they're genuinely having fun, as opposed to just "going through the motions" which is what it feels like they've done with Rock and Roll is Dead. Again, it's not bad, it's just not good.

I heard the single, and it just sounded like one of the less interesting tracks on Scandinavian Leather (which I didn't like much to begin with). I didn't even bother listening to it all the way through.

Still probably buy it, even though I've heard nothing positive about it so far. When's the release?
it was released yesterday (8th of june). at least in europe, don't know about the rest of the world..

the reviewers seem to like the record actually. at least in sweden.

why are you comparing the single with scandinavian leather?
I actually enjoyed Scandinavian Leather quite a bit, though I will agree with unsichtbaren that I'm not so sure why you're drawing the parallels with this. Glad to see some turbofans here in the community though.

Scandinavian Leather seemed to be just repeating songs they did on Apocolypse Dudes, and "All My Friends Are Dead" seemed like another regurgitation to me. That's to be expected, of course.